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Welcome to on-time records

Since 2010 On-Time Records has become one of the most respected and reliable legal photocopy services in California. We attribute our growth to one factor: SERVICE. From order to completion, On-Time Records has one of the fastest turnaround's in the industry-We are very efficient.

We have the team and the tools to get the job done. Whether at our office, or out in the field, our people are trained, experienced, positive, and great at what they do. We give them the best tools we can to help them fully manage your order(s), including industry-leading subpoena software and great management.

Exceptional Service

Let us solve problems and clear the way so you can give your clients the highest level of representation. We always try to treat our customers as friends, and know that every order represents an urgent task or problem to solve.

Statewide Coverage

With offices in Northern and Southern California, we are strategically located to cover every city and every county throughout the state.

Doing Our Part With Green Solutions

Go paperless! We encourage all our clients to use our new online database to retrieve records. This, along with other measures we've taken internally, have dramatically reduced paper flow in our office, saving some trees along the way.

We protect the future around here, and to us that means saving as many trees as possible. We strongly encourage our clients to use our online database.This, along with encouraging the use of green vehicles for our drivers, a clean shredding service, and paperless procedures in our office, all work together to reduce the flow of paper through our office.