On-Time Records

Medical Summarization

An insightful medical review can enhance workflows for Doctors, Attorneys and Claims Administrators in the workers compensation, civil industries and beyond. On-Time Records offers consistent, reliable and competent summarization services helping you get the right picture out of a cluster of test reports, treatment details and all other relevant medical data. Our medical review capacity is backed by doctors and review experts who take account of even the deepest nuances of the summarization process.

What makes On-Time Records a preferred name for organizations:

  • All-Inclusive Summary: We offer a detailed analysis of every component of the patient's medical timeline with adequate spotlight on all the crucial areas

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  • Time-efficient Reporting: We help you make decisions easily and quickly with the help of indexing and chronologic detailing

  • Customizability: We're equipped to meet even the rarest litigation demands

  • Digitization: We convert all types of records and information into an integrated digital form for easy reference